Holiday Credits

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The JIB-PMES Holiday Credit Scheme

The JIB-PMES operates a centrally managed, Inland Revenue approved holiday credit scheme for the Plumbing and Mechanical Engineering Services industry.

The scheme is designed to deliver and fund the holiday pay entitlement required under the JIB-PMES National Working Rule Agreement, and also to comply with the requirements of the 1998 Working Time Regulations. The scheme is available to all employees in the industry, both hourly paid and salaried, site and office staff.

The scheme in operation is a 30 day Holiday Credit Scheme which covers the 8 Public Holiday days (Bank Holidays).

By joining the holiday credit scheme, employers also automatically access a range of free benefits including sickness benefit, accidental total disability benefit, insolvency protection scheme, loss of tool grant.

Joining the scheme

The Holiday Credit Scheme is available to JIB-PMES participant companies. If you are interested in registering as a JIB-PMES participant company you can view and download an enrolment form here

The following Holiday Credit Scheme forms are available for participant companies to download.

Holdiay Credit Joiners
Holdiay Credit Leavers form
Holdiay Credit Amendment Advice