Breakaway National Agreement

Agreement is not acceptable to the JIBPMES, SNIJB or Unite

Information has already been issued to Joint Industry Board (JIB) participant employers and operatives regarding the proposed introduction of a new Building Engineering Services Agreement, currently being facilitated by the Heating & Ventilating Contractors’ Association (HVCA), on behalf of a breakaway group of seven mechanical and electrical contractors.

The contractors in the breakaway group are Bailey Building Services, Balfour Beatty Engineering Services, T. Clarke, Crown House Technologies, Gratte Brothers, SES and SPIE Matthew Hall. MJN Colston although originally part of the “eight” has since decided to drop out of the group. These contractors are seeking to implement a new BESNA agreement in preference to the existing JIB national agreements for plumbing and electrical.

The two Plumbing Joint Industry Boards the JIBPMES & the SNIJIB for the Plumbing Industry believe that the proposed BESNA agreement compares unfavourably from the point of view of employers, employees and the industry as a whole with respect to the terms and conditions and procedures currently on offer within the existing JIB national collective agreements. The two plumbing JIBs believe that there is no pressing need to move away from the existing national agreements which continue to provide industry wide terms and conditions of employment for operatives and apprentices negotiated between employers and UNITE the union. Individual plumbing operatives need to consider carefully whether moving to the BESNA Agreement is in their best interests and in so doing compare the differences between the existing plumbing agreements and what is on offer under the new BESNA agreement.

UNITE the Union, a joint signatory to the existing national plumbing agreements, has made it clear to each of the contractors involved in BESNA that UNITE has no intention of accepting this new BESNA agreement. The two Plumbing Joint Industry Boards for England & Wales and Scotland & Northern Ireland wish to retain these contractors within the existing national JIB agreements and are endeavouring along with the two JIBs for the electrical industry to engage with them to urge them to reconsider the unilateral introduction of the BESNA agreement.

We will continue to update employer and employee participants through our new websites. We are fully committed to providing you with all the help we can give you as an employer or employee participant of the JIB-PMES or SNIJIB.

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