What we do

JIB-PMES: Joint Industry Board for Plumbing Mechanical Engineering Services in England and Wales – an independent and neutral ‘not for profit’ organisation, we are a partner to the CSCS Registration Scheme, a regulator, and a service provider for employers and employees in the building industry.

The main objects of the JIB-PMES

The main objects of the JIB-PMES are:

  • To show leadership and encourage progress within the industry.
  • To regulate relations between employers and operatives.
  • To provide benefits for people working in the industry.
  • To improve skills and proficiency.
  • To improve and maintain welfare and safety standards.
  • To support harmonious relations between employers and operatives.


Participation in the activities and benefit schemes of the JIB for PMES is open to:

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Main activities of the JIB-PMES

As a CSCS scheme partner

We provide CSCS Health & Safety registration SmartCards to operatives employed in plumbing and mechanical engineering services and related sectors. We do this through our own registration and grading system.

As a regulator

We are responsible for the grading of operatives working within the industry.

We determine and publish the National Working Rules for the Plumbing Industry. This includes setting terms and conditions of employment for operatives employed by participant employers.

As a service provider for employers and employees

We administer the industry’s Holiday Credit and Benefits scheme for employers.

We provide pension solutions through Plumbing Pensions

The JIB-PMES Board

The JIB-PMES board comprises nominated representatives from employer organisations APHC and NFB and Unite The Union. Together they represent the interests of everyone in the plumbing industry in England and Wales.