Why register with the JIB-PMES?

The UK-PHMES CSCS Registration Scheme administered by the JIB-PMES.

JIB-PMES Card Registered Registration cards are becoming essential for all trades people working in the Plumbing Industry.

The card shows site managers, employers and other tradespeople that you are qualified for the work you are doing, and have passed a Health & Safety Test.

The Health & Safety Test ensures that you have been trained to the required legal standard, and have the knowledge and competence to keep you and your fellow workers safe and healthy. From an employer’s perspective it could improve the chances of winning major contracts and reducing site delays.

Your JIB-PMES card is something to be proud of.

The JIB-PMES is a not for profit organisation that exists for the benefit of everyone in the Plumbing Industry. We seek to provide registration services quickly and inexpensively, and to resolve any problems in a fair and professional manner.

When you contact us you will be talking to a professional person with real knowledge and experience of the industry and our services. We are not a call centre, we are not an agency: we are the heart of the industry.

How to apply for a card

Joining the UK-PHMES CSCS Card Scheme

You can check What cards are available? to see the cards that we can provide, and to check the requirements for your trade card.

You can check the H & S tests page to see details of Health and Safety tests and how to take your test or obtain an exemption.

You can check the fees page to see the cost of your card.

Steps to obtain a card

Decide on the card that is correct for you. This depends on your trade and your qualifications.

Obtain an application form for your card. You can use the contact page or use our helpline to ask us to post a form to you. Alternatively you can download an application form from the page describing your card. Please make sure you have the correct form for your card: all forms have sections 1 to 4, and then different sections for different cards.

Please check the application form to see the requirements for your card, as generally you will need to send us:

  • A completed application form for your card.
  • Evidence of your qualifications.
  • Your Health and Safety Test certificate.
  • A recent ‘passport’ photograph.
  • The correct fee.

Cards are normally issued within 2 to 3 weeks.

Our Fasttrack service takes approximately 4 working days for an additional fee of £55.

If you need help, call our Freephone Hotline 0800 1971060 or email us by clicking the link at the top of this page.