From Monday 06th April the JIB-PMES office will be closed in response to the on-going Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic. JIB-PMES staff members are now operating remotely from home.

During this time, the JIB-PMES will continue to process JIB-PMES CSCS registration card applications, although with a slightly slower turnaround time than under normal circumstances. Please note, while the office is closed, we will not be able to offer our usual ‘Fast-Track’ service. Therefore, any applications received during this time will be subject to the standard processing service.

The JIB-PMES will also continue to provide a range of services for participant employers. This will include:

  • Management of the Holiday Credit scheme
  • Management of the Welfare Benefit scheme
  • Processing of welfare benefit payments

While the office is closed, we would request you email rather than telephone, via one of the following email addresses:

This will enable us to circulate your enquiry to an appropriate member of the team for them to respond. If you can only contact us by phone, please call 01480 479113 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We will provide further updates on JIB-PMES services as and when necessary.

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