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JIB-PMES online Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) Test

The main JIB-PMES phone line (01480 476925) is open to take calls between 10am - 12pm and then from 2pm - 4pm each day. Alternatively, you can also always contact us via the email address. 

The JIB-PMES has developed a health, safety and environment (HS&E) test to meet the health and safety requirements for operative level JIB-PMES CSCS Registration cards (operative ‘blue’ and ‘gold’ cards – NOT Supervisor or Manager cards). The test is designed specifically for those within the Plumbing and Mechanical Engineer Services (PMES) sector. Securing a ‘pass’ in the test will be suitable supporting evidence of having met the required HS&E criteria for all core PMES trade and PMES Related Occupation JIB-PMES CSCS Registration cards.

The test is available for candidates to sit ‘online’ with test slots being available in the evenings and at the weekend; removing the hassle of having to travel to a test centre or take time out of work.

Like the CITB HS&E test, the JIB-PMES CSCS HS&E test consists of 50, multiple-choice questions and has a pass mark of 45 (90%). It is also, like the CITB test, valid for 5 years from the date the test is passed.

Please check to ensure that the PC/Laptop you intend to use for the test meets the following minimum technical requirements BEFORE you register and pay for your test: 

  • Laptop / computer with 4GB of available memory. The app required to access the test will not work on phones, chrome books, or ipads/tablets. We cannot guarantee service on touchscreen devices as some devices might be incompatible with the app. We recommend that candidates source a non-touchscreen device for their exams.
  • A Windows v7.0+ or Mac10.10+ operating systems. MacOS BigSur users need to upgrade to 11.3+
  • Intel Core i3 (or equivalent)
  • A working webcam, microphone and speakers
  • Minimum candidate internet speed of 2 Mbps or higher
  • Recommended screen size of at least 13″ and a resolution of 1024 x 768.

The following guide and video provide a summary of the JIB-PMES HS&E Test process. We strongly recommend that you watch the video and read the guidance carefully before registering and paying for a test.

A summary of the guidance can also be downloaded here:

Register and pay for a test

There is a simple process for booking to sit the JIB-PMES HS&E test for PMES Operatives:

  • Follow the ‘Register’ button on this page
  • Insert a few basic details into the JIB-PMES test registration form
  • Ensure the email address used for registration is an individual address, not a shared address. The registration process will only complete properly if a unique, individual email address is used per test candidate. It is not possible to use a single email address for multiple test registrations.
  • Pay the £30.00 HS&E test fee
  • Follow the links in your payment confirmation email to download the JIB-PMES HS&E test revision guide and TestReach candidate guide.
  • You will also need to follow the link sent from TestReach to download the App. to access the test platform. This App must be downloaded to the PC/Laptop computer on which you will sit the test.

Please check to ensure that the PC/Laptop you intend to use for the test meets the minimum technical requirements BEFORE you register and pay for your test.

Book a test slot

Once you have paid for your test and downloaded the TestReach App, you will then be able to schedule your test for a suitable day/time.

  • Open TestReach and log in to the application
  • On the main dashboard, select the JIB-PMES HS&E test which will be listed under the ‘Exams’ tab
  • Clicking the test link will open up a calendar which can be used to navigate and view available test slots. (Available slots will have a time shown e.g. 10.15, 13.15, 18.15)
  • Once you have identified a suitable day and time for your test, click the available time. This will open a separate dialogue box in which you will be asked to confirm the chosen day and time slot for your test
  • Click ‘confirm’ to complete the scheduling of your test
  • Once your test day and time has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email from TestReach.

Preparing for the test

Once a candidate has completed the registration process and paid for the test, they will receive a confirmation email with links to download the following documents:

  • JIB-PMES HS&E question revision guide. This support material contains every question the candidate could be asked during the HS&E test and is separated out into the same subject areas.
  • JIB-PMES/TestReach candidate protocol document. This provides all of the details the candidate will need before they sit the exam. Including guidance on:
    • What is and isn’t allowed during the test
    • The types of candidate ID acceptable for pre-test ID verification purposes
    • What to do if you experience problems on the day of the test.

We recommend candidates take the time to familiarise themselves with both documents before they sit their test. This will give candidates the best chance of achieving a successful outcome.

Before the candidate sits their test, they must complete a ‘Set-up check’. This process will help to ensure that the candidate’s IT equipment is correctly set up and working as it should before the test is taken.

Also, before the candidate’s chosen test time slot, they will be given the opportunity to sit a ‘Test tutorial’. This is designed to ensure that the has the opportunity to access and familiarise themselves with how the assessment software works, and is navigated; before they attempt the test for real.

Test environment

The test environment is the room in which you will take the test. This will be checked by the online invigilator before the test commences, so it’s important that the environment is set up in the correct way. To do this, you should ensure that:

  • The area is tidy and free from clutter
  • Only one monitor is being used; there is no second monitor on the desk or within reach
  • No reference materials are available in the test area
  • The area is quiet and well lit (open curtains, but keep windows closed)
  • You cannot be disturbed during the test. Make people aware that you will be doing a test and that you are not to be disturbed

Taking the test

When the time comes for the candidate to take the test, they will log into the TestReach App which has been installed on their PC/Laptop.

STOP: Before a candidate is allowed access to a test, they must pass an ID check, which will be conducted in real-time by the assessment invigilator. To pass the ID check, the candidate must show one of the following:

  • Current, in date Passport
  • UK photo Driving Licence
  • EU Photo Identity card

 The ID provided must match the details of the person who has been booked in to sit the test. Any candidate who cannot provide adequate ID at this point will NOT be allowed access to the test. In these situations, the candidate will have their access to the testing platform cancelled. They will not be allowed to re-book another test until they have repaid the test fee.

Those who pass the ID check will proceed through a series of additional security and test environment checks with the invigilator, before being given access to the test.

During the test

The candidate works through the test questions using the system navigation tools to move between questions and to re-visit any which they have ‘flagged’. During the course of the test, the candidate’s screen will be locked, meaning that they will be unable to navigate away from the test programme.

The candidate will also be monitored throughout the test in ‘real-time’ by the invigilator who will interject and challenge the candidate if they consider the candidate to be acting suspiciously.

The invigilator has the power to stop a candidate’s assessment if they feel that the candidate is not adhering to the test rules as specified in the candidate protocol document. In these circumstances the candidate will not be allowed to re-enter or res-sit the assessment without paying another assessment fee of £30.00. It is therefore imperative that candidates stick to the test rules and guidelines and that they complete the test in a fair and genuine way.

After the test

Once a candidate has completed the test and it has been submitted, they will be discharged by the invigilator. At this point the assessment is over and the candidate will receive confirmation of their provisional result.

This will be available in the form of a pdf document which can be downloaded to the PC/Laptop on which the candidate has sat the test.  

The result sheet itself will show the score the candidate received out of a possible 50 marks and will also confirm whether they passed the test. Candidates who passed the test can then use their test pass result sheet in support of a JIB-PMES CSCS operative registration card application.

If you have any queries abut the JIB-PMES HS&E test, please contact the JIB-PMES Test Team directly via

Please check to ensure that the PC/Laptop you intend to use for the test meets the minimum technical requirements BEFORE you register and pay for your test.

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