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CCTV Drainage Supplier blue card

This category of card is intended for those whose work includes the supplying and provision of CCTV equipment that is used in relation to the maintenance and surveying of drainage systems.


As there is no recognised National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) or Vocational Qualification (VQ) which specifically covers this job role, the qualification requirements for this occupation have been set as follows.

Qualification requirements

Applicants must provide evidence of having completed any of the following:

  • Pipe Sewer Condition Classification to MSCC5 (Develop Training course OS19X)
  • Brick Sewer Condition Classification to MSCC5 (Develop Training course OS21X)
  • National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) CCTV course
  • NADC Certified Drain Surveyor course


  • Evidence of any suitable qualification or training course equivalent to VQ/NVQ*.
*If you are submitting alternative qualifications to the ones listed above, please email them to before you submit your application. This will enable us to assess their suitability before you spend money on your application. Please do not phone us, as we need to see the qualifications in order for us to make a decision regarding their suitability. We aim to reply to all such submissions with a response within 14 days.

Additional information:

Those who meet any of the qualification requirements can, assuming they have also met all other card requirements (i.e. passed a valid Health, Safety and Environmental test) proceed to complete the PMES Related Occupations card application form. When completing the form, the ‘CCTV Drainage Supplier’ card box should be ticked on the front page and evidence of having met the above qualification requirements should be included with the application form.

The standard fee for this card is £40.00 (Fast track service is available for £100.00).

If you are applying for a free card, please download a copy of the application form and submit your application either by email or hard copy.  We cannot accept online applications for free cards.

What are my options if I don’t meet the qualification requirements?

If applicants cannot provide evidence of having completed the qualifications stipulated, there are two options open to them:

  • Undertake the training that will provide them with the required qualification(s)
  • Apply for an alternative type of card. The JIB-PMES CSCS green Labourer card is available to those who complete the one-day CITB ‘Site Safety Plus – Health and Safety Awareness’ course and who pass the CITB Operative Health, Safety and Environmental test.
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