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National Working Rule Agreement

One of the main functions of the JIB-PMES is the role it plays as custodian of the National Working Rule Agreement (NWRA) for the Plumbing and Mechanical Engineering Services (PMES) sector. The NWRA is negotiated and agreed between the members of the JIB-PMES board, which comprises members representing employers (APHC, JIB-PMES participant employers) and operatives (Unite the Union).

The NWRA acts as a comprehensive set of terms and conditions of employment and is adopted by all JIB-PMES participant companies. The NWRA provides a clear definition of terms for employers, operatives and apprentices covering all the key aspects of employment in the plumbing and mechanical engineering services sector.

The NWRA details the terms and conditions for the Plumbing and Mechanical Engineering Services industry in relation to:

  • Hours of work
  • Wage rates
  • Holidays
  • Overtime
  • Travel allowances
  • Lodging allowances
  • Welfare benefits (sick pay, death in service benefit etc.)
  • Pension contribution rates.

JIB-PMES participating employers who purchase Holiday Credits or Welfare Benefits and who follow the National Working Rule Agreement ‘in its entirety’ are also entitled to pay certain allowances to employees free of tax and National Insurance contributions.

Copies of the National Working Rule Agreement

The National Working Rule Agreement is provided free of charge to all JIB-PMES Participant Companies.

Participant Companies can also download an electronic version of the NWRA via the ‘Members’ section of this website.

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