How to apply for a card

Joining the JIB UK-PHMES CSCS Card Scheme

Firstly, you will need to check which card is relevant to the requirements of your trade and any formal qualifications you may hold. To do so, check What cards are available and download the correct application form.

You will also need to provide evidence of your health & safety knowledge and experience when you apply for your card. To check these requirements go to Health & Safety Tests

Check the Fees page for the cost of your card.

Applying for a JIB PHMES CSCS card

When you have decided which card you are applying for please return it with all supporting documentation to the postal address on the form.

If you wish to email the form to us PLEASE NOTE WE CANNOT ACCEPT APPLICATIONS THAT INCLUDE SECTION 3A PAYMENT DETAILS.  You are therefore required to pay by BACS (details on request by calling 01480 476925), or post as above.

As a quick check you will need:

  • A completed application form
  • Evidence of your qualifications
  • Your Health and Safety Test results
  • A recent ‘passport-sized’ photograph
  • The correct fee or bank details

Current turnaround is up to 28 days time for cards from receipt of all documentation. If you wish to Fast track your application please tick the box on the front of the form. This service takes approximately 4 working days for an additional fee of £60. Total £100.00 including the cost of the card for standard blue and gold card applications.

  • POSTAGE – If you have ordered a card from JIB-PHMES and have not received it in the post,  please allow 1 calendar month before ordering a replacement.  This allows any cards which may still be in the Royal Mail system to be returned to us as undelivered.  This does not apply to cards processed by the fast track method.

For assistance with any of the above please call the Telephone 01480 476925

Please be advised that the four working day Fast Track guidelines will be affected by any bank holidays or business close downs i.e. Christmas, Easter etc,.

Postage Costs – Don’t get caught out.

We receive hundreds of notifications from the post office each year regarding JIB UK PHMES card applications that have been sent without sufficient postage. We’re unable to accept these.

To make sure your application reaches us and can be processed as quickly as possible, you can check with the Post Office or online at to find out the correct postage rate for your application.